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Bronze Turkey Awards

Bronze Turkey Award Number One

Upside Down

The Left-handed Octopus (April, 2004) They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. The left-mounted octopus is one such an example. It was intended to be a better way to share air — and it would have been, were it not for the fact it just might kill you.

Bronze Turkey Award Number Two


Back Inflation Silliness (June, 2004) Few pieces of equipment have engendered more downright silliness than back-inflation buoyancy control devices. From cock-eyed theories to downright falsehoods, almost no other piece of dive gear has been so poorly understood of as controversial. Find out more…


Stretched Turkey

Bronze Turkey Award Number Three

A Weighty Matter (August, 2004) Before you spend all that money on a complete set of equipment at your local dive center, you can count on their entry-level training program to provide you or your loved ones with complete and safe instruction in its use — right? Well, almost…

Bronze Turkey Award Number Four


Snorkels Just Don’t Get It (October, 2004) They say the one constant in the universe is change. In diving, seems the one constant is resistance to change. Case in point: A significant number of scuba’s most experienced divers don’t carry snorkels — at least on those dives where snorkels tend to cause more problems than they solve. Yet many of the scuba industry’s so-called “leaders” continue to insist that snorkels are absolutely essential. Have snorkels outgrown their usefulness? Find out more…

Bronze Turkey Award Number Five

Hubba, hubba!

The Hub of Misfortune (December, 2004) What happens when you come up with an innovative solution to a nonexistent problem? You can easily create more problems than you supposedly solve. This issue’s Bronze Turkey Award goes goes to a classic example of this principle in action.Find out more…

Bronze Turkey Award Number Six


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (February, 2005) Find out what happens when a group of well-intentioned engineers set out to build a genuinely better BC and end up with, well… A further parable about the dangers of trying to fix what isn’t necessarily broken. Find out more…