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Stupid Dive Stories

New Story: Why Johnny Can’t Analyze


(April, 2007) Correctly analyzing Nitrox, Trimix and O2 cylinders isn’t just the right thing to do. Failure to do so can get you killed. With so much at stake, you’d think divers who make a greater effort to get this right. Guess what? They don’t. Find out the most common mistakes divers make when analyzing gas.

Evolution in Action


(April, 2004) This is the story that inspired the entire website. There’s a reason the army recruits 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds. At that age, you think you are going to live forever. So what’s a little risk? Here is the story of two specimens of post-adolescent infancy who found out the hard way just how frail life really is. (Trust us, you won’t believe this one…but it’s true.)

A Visit From the Holiday Turkey


(June, 2004) When it comes to equipment maintenance, some divers just don’t get it. (I mean, it’s not as though your life may depend on this stuff — right?). Here’s a story about one of the most egregious idiots I’ve come across yet, and how he planned to do himself in with a do-it-yourself regulator repair.

The High Cost of Saving Money


(August, 2004) Here's the story of a turkey who set out to save himself a buck. Not only did he screw himself out of far more than he “saved,” he ended up putting his life at risk by purchasing an item that should have never been sold in the first place. Find out more…

Go On Vacation, Leave Your Brain at Home


(October, 2004) Going on vacation should mean rest and relaxation. You shouldn’t have to think about work — or any of the other things that make life “back in the world” stressful. It doesn’t mean, however, that you get to stop thinking altogether. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to believe that being on vacation means just that. When it comes to traveling, they check their brains at the gate. More…

Three Classic Stupid Diver Stories


(December, 2004) Captain Don’s seems to attract an above-average diver; nevertheless, they do get the occasional turkey. Here are three classic stupid diver tricks that I either saw, or the staff told me about. More…

The Dumbest Diver Ever?


(February, 2005) You know the type: Didn’t listen in class. Doesn’t listen to briefings. Doesn’t take diving seriously. After all, it’s not as though you actually die doing this — right? Read about one diver whose selfishness puts not only himself at risk, but everyone on the boat. More…