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Cave Diver Harry's Underground Bar and Grill



Chief Cook and Bottle Washer is the brainchild of “Cave Diver Harry” Averill. Over the past 33 years, Harry Averill has owned, managed or staffed retail dive stores and resort dive operations in the eastern Caribbean, Virginia, Florida, Illinois, California and Hawai’i. He has also done consulting work for several dive equipment manufacturers, including Dive Rite, Seatec, Sherwood and TUSA.

There is even a persistent rumor that, at various times, Harry worked at PADI, NAUI and TDI/SDI headquarters, and has created textbooks, illustrations or on-line training materials for all three organizations, as well as for SSI, NSS-CDS and NOAA. We will admit this much: Should you happen to see a training agency logo with a diver superimposed over a stylized globe, or an advertising slogan having to do with "…the Way the World Learns to Dive,” and asked yourself, “Who comes up with stuff like this…?” Well, it is possible Harry is the guilty party.

Some raw statistics:

Harry Sidemounting

Today, Harry is a managing partner in the web design/ consulting firm Sinulogic, where smart people actually pay him good money to come up with crazy websites like this one. The best part of the job? It allows enough time to teach even crazier people to cave dive on the side.