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Ignorance can be educated…
but stupid is forever brings you real-life stories of divers who seek to improve the human gene pool by attempting to remove themselves from it…in the most pathetic ways imaginable. You can be among the first to know when new stories and information are posted to Just join our mailing list and receive our free e-mail newsletter.

New Story: Why Johnny Can’t Analyze


(April, 2007) Correctly analyzing Nitrox, Trimix and O2 cylinders isn’t just the right thing to do. Failure to do so can get you killed. With so much at stake, you’d think divers who make a greater effort to get this right. Guess what? They don’t. Find out the most common mistakes divers make when analyzing gas.



Stupid Diver Stories

This is why you are here…right? Don’t worry. We have page upon page of stories you won’t believe (but they are true!). Like the two 19-year-olds who decided to go cave diving by sharing a single between them (again, we’re not making this up). Find out more…


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Stupid Instructor Stories

Could anything be dumber than a stupid diver? Unfortunately, yes. Stupid divers stand to hurt only themselves and, possibly, a buddy. Stupid instructors can put dozens at risk. Fortunately, the training agencies don’t normally give out instructor cards to idiots. That doesn’t mean a few slip through the cracks. See what happens when they do…

Bronze Turkey Awards

Bronze Turkey

Divers can be dumb. Instructors can be dumb. And so can equipment. Sometimes it’s because manufacturers insist on providing “innovative solutions” to nonexistent problems. At other times, there’s nothing wrong with the equipment — the problem is diver (or instructor) attitudes. Find out who gets the Bronze Turkey…

Resource Library

A collection of articles and information designed to help you avoid being the kind of diver who ends up being featured here. Find out more…

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